Everything is vegetarian.

ovo-lacto=contain egg and dairy milk

lacto=contain dairy milk

vegan-friendly=contain veg. meat (ovo-lacto) but can be taken out and made vegan

vegan=no egg, dairy milk & honey

🅥 Vegan   ⏱ Takes time (20~25 mins or more)  🌶 Spicy

All Price in CAD

**Please note our Veg. Meat products (including
Veg. Chicken, Veg. Beef, Veg. Beef Brisket,
Veg. Meat Cutlet, Veg. Fish, Veg. Unagi, and
Burdock & Veg. Meat) are made of soy protein,
gluten, egg-white powder and whey protein
(milk). Vegan meat substitutes such as Ground
Veg. Meat Sauce, Treasure, Tofu Nuggets, and
Vegan Fish are free of egg, milk and honey.